Rocky Mountain Switchplates

Welcome to Rocky Mountain Switchplates. We manufacture and sell environmentally friendly outlet covers that add to the decor of any room. Our decorative real wood outlet covers will coordinate with most room decor or might add a little bit of something different that you're looking for. Rocky Mountain Switchplates are beautifully handcrafted from real authentic wood.

 When either entering or leaving a room the first thing you do is access the light switch. This first impression is commonly overlooked by home and business owners and can make a dramatic change to the mood of the room. All of our decorative wood switchplates are perfect for almost any room and turns something as simple as the light switch into a highlight of the room. Our real wood switchplates are completely handcrafted and have unique patterns to help you control the lighting in your room in style.

 We take pride in bringing the highest quality products to our customers. All of our materials are waste wood harvested, making our products the most durable while providing environmentally friendly outlet covers. Each one of our wood outlet covers are cut and preserved in their natural form to ensure strength and longevity while providing the beauty of natural wood.

Thank you for visiting our website. We are a decorative wood outlet cover manufacturer that captures the beauty of the outdoors and covers every switch with it. We have a complete line of real wood switchplates and coasters that are good for everything from your living room to your workshop. Please take a few moments and browse through our handcrafted catalog and find the perfect switchplate that will light up your day.